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Web Design- Professional Topics Lectures!

“Social Media is a serious piece of the marketing mix.” OneMethod- Darcy Reaume & Daniella Gullo

The speakers we had on Friday April 4th had such a fanatic presentation for us, and really tapped into every interesting details of their positions at OneMethod. Darcy Reaume is … Continue reading

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“There’s more than one way to get where you’re going.” –Miranda Urbanksi– Web Marketing Communications manager of Bell mobility

Close to the end of our school year we had speaker, Miranda Urbanski– Web Marketing Communications manager from Bell mobility– who I think had such an inspiring and ever-changing career … Continue reading

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Alexander Younger of Design Lab – Great & expertise tips into our future

Alexander Younger of Design Lab gave a great presentation in many significant topics for us in our future after leaving Sheridan. His advice was so vital, for instance -it’s so … Continue reading

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Outstanding presentation at The Weather Network

On Friday March 7th our class took a trip to The Weather Network in Oakville (the head office), where they put together such an informative, organized and just overall outstanding … Continue reading

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Speaker and Information designer: Isabel Meirelles

Of course the demand for fast reading has increased, therefore information visualization has definitely come to the forefront. Speaker Isabel Meirelles is an information designer and an associated professor of … Continue reading

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Motivational Speakers: Adele Wooton & Craig Hodges from Creative Niche

Speakers Adele Wooton and Craig Hodges presented such a significant topic of tweaking and strengthening our Resume as well as portfolio. These two individuals have so much experience and knowledge … Continue reading

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Delightful Speaker: Lily Varga – Digital Art Director at TRAFFIKGroup

As our first speaker of this semester, I think Lily really made her presentation very engaging and captivating yet down to earth. I was so interested in hearing her journey … Continue reading

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