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Inspirational Speaker Micheal Gramlow at Colorfield


Inspirational Speaker Micheal Gramlow

He is the co-founder at Colorfield which is a digital production company. The companys’ business model mirrors the ‘traditional’ (broadcast/tv agency) in which the agency owns the client relationship and strategic area.  Colorfield mostly takes on ad agencies in the United states, for instance, large consumer brands such as Chevrolet, Ford, Subaru, NBC, American Express, Google and Old Navy.

It was really entertaining to see the demo they pitched of the ‘chicken puppet show’  which was like a barbershop quartet. There was also a Barry White inspired chicken which was pretty funny. Colorfield does anything from sites from desktop to mobile- the touch screen experience (which is a very new idea for a project).

Micheal also talked about the Industry as a whole:

  • Its incredible how fast the industry changes (which used to be very flash based)
  • How sites have to become creatively simple yet complex content-wise
  • Its hard to flawlessly design for desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Recognition and awards are very important in advertising and the creative world
  • *award-winning agencies attract award winning creative talent. (and clients follow)
  • To win awards you need to apply then submit ($)

He went on explaining how there are Four Possible Career Paths:

  1. Client Side- which would be working for a single brand
  2. Digital ‘Pure Play’ Agency – often follow what the ‘lead’ agency is doing
  3. ‘Integrated’ Ad agency- work tends to be creative and brand oriented

-digital often works in conjunction with t.v and print

4.Production Company –  a partner with agencies and sometimes clients to execute work.

-well-versed in production technologies (more hands-on) –where colorfield fits

It was interesting to hear that most owners of Subaru’s own a dog therefore this became a selling pitch for Subaru. They came up with the idea of the ‘Puppy Bowl’ which happens at the same time the Super Bowl (which acts as an anti-super bowl) Where Subaru created dog license templates where you could upload your dog’s picture. Fun idea!

Colorfield also did a huge project for Chevrolet (launched in 2014) for the Chevrolet Silverado. First of all..its crazy how many different backgrounds were incorporated in one image (almost 1300 images!) The timeline for this project was 3 months so it was a very time-consuming project to do.  Colorfield pitched against 5 other agencies and received the opportunity.

He gave us very significant insight on our independent projects and for interviews in the future:

  • Always quality over quantity
  • Tell a good story of what your showing
  • Be persistent!
  • Say why you’re a good fit


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