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Outstanding presentation at The Weather Network

Android_featuredGraphic_tablet_enOn Friday March 7th our class took a trip to The Weather Network in Oakville (the head office), where they put together such an informative, organized and just overall outstanding presentation for us. The Weather network is owned Pelmorex Media and is known for and been awarded one of Canada’s top employers which is definitely something noteworthy! This company is coming up to being 25 years old and is #2 of weather companies around the world! So from here it definitely made sense to merge this experience with hearing about traffic conditions etc.

The user experience was all about integrating the consumer:

  • Produce something that adds value
  • Anticipate future consumer need
  • Make it a memorable experience
  • Very much about the research you do on  the typical consumer

I thought it was very captivating to hear the amount of departments behind making a site, apps and just overall defining a company. Especially for The Weather Network having the difficult task of somehow fitting/incorporating seven days’ worth of weather in a restricting size in the website. Since responsive design is definitely becoming such a significant design method, it makes sense that this prestigious company would have this lined up as one of their upcoming projects.  Also, I really enjoyed the experience using the app they have soon coming out to the public, it was clean looking, easy to use and understand and quick to find out what you were looking for! The fact that technology changes so quickly its very impressive being able to keep up with everything that comes new to the scene and giving the user the best and most updated experience possible. Most importantly its always about the planning process which ultimately makes everything available and viewed easily. Then the outcome would be tested (QA) with no end until the result was proven great.

I would like to thank everyone at The Weather Network who helped in making such a great presentation for our class.


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