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Speaker and Information designer: Isabel Meirelles


Of course the demand for fast reading has increased, therefore information visualization has definitely come to the forefront. Speaker Isabel Meirelles is an information designer and an associated professor of graphic design at Northeastern University in Boston. Isabella is a well-known speaker at international conferences which focus on information design, motion graphics and design education. She went in depth on her book she published last year “Design for Information”. A good question which was brought up was, What’s the context for a design? Which she quoted Eliel Saarinen who said to always design something while considering it in the next larger context; a chair in a room, a room in a house etc… Isabel gave a great conclusion of the cognitive principals behind information visualization:
▪    to increase working memory
▪    to convey meaning
▪    to facilitate search and discovery
▪    to support perceptual inference
▪    to provide models of actual theoretical worlds
▪    to provide manipulation of data
“Information visualizations are good at providing context and uncovering patterns that can facilitate decision-making.”


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