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Motivational Speakers: Adele Wooton & Craig Hodges from Creative Niche

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Speakers Adele Wooton and Craig Hodges presented such a significant topic of tweaking and strengthening our Resume as well as portfolio. These two individuals have so much experience and knowledge it really was a privilege to have them speak in our Friday class. Adele’s position at Creative Niche is the Director of Client Services who has very strong insight on success with creative resume writing. Craig is the Relationship Manager who also is an expertise in this area. They explained just how important it is to tailor your core skills and what you want to be known as rather than thinking of what the employer would like to see. It makes total sense to right away identify and put on the table the role you would like/applying for. The consistency of your branding demonstrates what you are best at doing as well as the awareness of yourself (don’t ever over or under sell yourself) and take credit what you’ve done and accomplished! Also, we are not just suited for a strictly web design position but can leverage our experiences and see all opportunities and routes before us.

Seeing the differences between Agency and Client Side was very informative, as I had never compared both sides before. They explained that both sides always want someone with Agency mindset and on the corporate (client) side you could work on a variety of projects but in the agency industry probably only one. Once you figure out what better fits you ad your skills, its important to gear your resume and overall presentation of yourself in a way, which highlights you as the best candidate. Show your accomplishments and demonstrate your ability to be pro-active also show you’re a collaborative team player and always bring forth your opinion and ideas!

Adele and Craig emphasized the fact that we should present our ‘soft skills’ which overall show your true colours, for instance:

  • To show your trustworthy
  • You follow protocols
  • Show leadership (the ‘go-to-person’)
  • You’re a strong communicator, written & oral
  • Conceptual thinker, lots of ideas
  • Show your responsible and have a strong work ethic

*And most importantly you are a creative problem solver and a team builder and motivator.  It is true integrity in the workplace is always wanted.

Of course, as Gillian has taught us, wireframes for any project is critical and to be able to show the usability and information architecture. I am a strong believer (as was stated) that more people learn visually so videos and tutorials rather than reading. So visual solutions to data information is so important!

Adele and Craig gave such great advice on significantly improving our resume as well as strong responses for when we get the interview. For instance elaborating on overall objectives and how you can impact and contribute to the company. Also, talk about your experiences, say what your proud of and demonstrated you can take something further (rather than just show the desktop version, show how it is responsive; to tablet and mobile). Make sure your brand is consistent from your resume to your interview personality, make sure you show your best and most positive attitude! Finally, always always update your resume and portfolio and make sure to frame your resume around your skills and the position your applying for. Its also great to think about pushing the ‘traditional’ boundaries and consider a video resume which is a great idea!

Thank you to Adele and Craig from Creative Niche for inspiring our class to improve and present our best foot forward when we enter the work world!


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