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“Social Media is a serious piece of the marketing mix.” OneMethod- Darcy Reaume & Daniella Gullo

onemethod1The speakers we had on Friday April 4th had such a fanatic presentation for us, and really tapped into every interesting details of their positions at OneMethod. Darcy Reaume is the Design Director and Daniella Gullo is the Social Media Manager. It is very clear to see that OneMethod focuses mainly on social media which I think is a very significant factor for any business to move forward and succeed today. We learned that Bensimon Byrne is the owner and luckily it’s actually in Toronto so communication and working hand-in-hand it effective and convenient. OneMethod has done a lot of work with Nestle and there are products in with that company such as a lot of chocolate, of course, milk, water etc..

I really liked the visual diagram they gave on “social” in general (similar to the process we’ve used for our projects) which starts off with strategy, planning, development, execution, moderation and learnings. They are all about crafting a visual as well as speaking a tone and the fact that major platforms (like facebook) change so frequently and abruptly this keeps everyone very agile at OneMethod.

Some of their talents include:

  • Multi-talented team that makes social magic happen
  • Obtaining client and business leads (and working hand-in-hand with the project manager)
  • Social strategist
  • Creative direction
  • Keeping legalities in mind (communication policies)

Strategic planning is a key element in their process, for instance:

  • Its based on company goals
  • The how, what, when and to whom you plan on communicating your product or service.
  • Tied to the business model
  • Answers the brand issue (ie. Low awareness, low trial..)

They use a Brand Blue print which is a smart approach to developing in-depth, identifiable and an easy to grasp brand. This always goes along with a unique selling proposition.

Their communication pillars help to measure performance and here are some key factors we learned:

  • There are 4-5 areas to creatively explore within and streamline content
  • This eliminates stretching a brand too far
  • Follow a calendar timeline –plan-brief-write-design-shoot-retouch-launch-moderate-learnings

The platforms distribution graph was a great visual on which social media were targeted and also the many platform guide lines which go along with each. For instance, Vine- you need to shoot within Vine and you only have 6 seconds to do it. This is when storyboarding is very important to fit in  what you want in such a short period of time.

I thought the DIY projects they would do such as the Smarties ideas/baking looked fun to think of, collaborate and then make! They also do a lot of photography of their creations which look delicious. It definitely makes sense that the ‘in the moment’ feel and opportunities are always wanted within social media platforms.


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