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“There’s more than one way to get where you’re going.” –Miranda Urbanksi– Web Marketing Communications manager of Bell mobility


Close to the end of our school year we had speaker, Miranda Urbanski– Web Marketing Communications manager from Bell mobility– who I think had such an inspiring and ever-changing career path. I feel like could relate to some of the things she was saying such as taking a big leap into a path (web design and technology) which was very different from her previous post-graduate degrees and education. Her presentation started out with a very true and significant quote, which definitely emphasizes her journey, “There’s more than one way to get where you’re going.”

Miranda’s position and Bell’s over-all goal is to connect through Bell by digital experience. Also in very significant areas like; culture, communication and facilitating ideas and how they all merge together.

Her key messages are definitely ones to keep in mind when we are all off on our own journeys:

  •       Remember that this program is they key to your career
  •       Career paths are more like a jungle gym rather than a ladder
  •       Always have a plan ‘B’
  •       Learning is life long
  •       Pay it forward (always give more than you receive).

Miranda’s previous career path had been set in fine arts and painting (which were beautiful) and you could surely tell her passion in the arts. Myself coming from a fine arts/art history background cannot quite explain this program as my plan ‘b’ so it was intriguing to hear a similar answer from Miranda. Yet always knowing that ‘everything really does happen for a reason’. She explained that this web design program was definitely a challenge but also a great deal of learning. This one year program had the most significant impact career wise compared to her many other post-graduate degree’s and opened many doors for her first position! Her first position was at a magazine company called where she learned more hands-on skills in coding and developing pages and helped develop Canadian Design Directory. This position was quite stressful and led her into re-applying for her first calling in life­– fine arts. After successfully finishing Miranda had both practices going, web design and painting both which she excelled at. Although, the issue with producing artwork was the unfortunate amount of debt and the inconsistency of income. Therefore she was eager to find a position that merged all of her skills, fine arts, business and digital design skills. After three rounds of interviews she got into the Bell industry and her confidence, amount of education and strong knowledge her various skills surely got her to where she is today!

The key is to “always get your foot in the door which is the first step” also the secret to cracking todays industries is to broaden your contacts and networks (which absolutely makes sense!) Always remember to choose a job which brings your learning forward and keep in mind creative inspiration is born out of curiosity.


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