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Delightful Speaker: Lily Varga – Digital Art Director at TRAFFIKGroup


As our first speaker of this semester, I think Lily really made her presentation very engaging and captivating yet down to earth. I was so interested in hearing her journey from graduating from the Web Design program and that we all end up with not so great work experiences but we move on and “live and learn”. When she graduated from this program she excelled in the flash side of things which is impressive to me since I don’t think flash was my strong point (but I still enjoyed it!). This strong knowledge and skill in flash then led her to create numerous banners as well as other projects as a freelance designer. Lily then explained her next job experience in working for an online magazine called Sweet Spot. This sounded like an intense position for her to take on since she did a whole redesign of this online magazine along with working with a lot of female co-workers; bloggers, fashionista’s, etc. This was an ongoing project since she constantly had to update the dynamic content and user interface –of course in an interesting and interactive way.

Lily then decided to go back to freelance, which led her to a similar yet difficult task of branding a company called SkinLove. I thought this project overall was designed so beautifully and was a perfect fit for the company.  There was also a ‘create your own’ section which would be such a difficult task since there were so many ingredients to choose from!

After multiple freelance projects, Lily then decided to work for the company she currently is at right now, TRAFFIKGroup. She explained, finally she could be face-to-face with developers and clients to get the full idea (rather than communicating on the phone) which would definitely be beneficial in all aspects of completing a project. I was very interested in the large print project she was given which was for Foundry Cider, a transit wrap (because when you’re sitting in a bus you never actually think of how difficult/large a task it would be to design the interior and exterior).

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 8.53.15 AM

This was of course a huge file size and she had 5 buses to design for –outside as well as inside the bus! Lily told us it was neat to be inside the bus after-the-fact and actually see all her hard work in physical space (rather than on a computer).

She currently has worked at this company for 3 years and has many years of experiences and skills gained to look back on. TRAFFIKGroup being a smaller agency, she could have more say and opinion on things which I think is very important. Lily’s work moved into more user interface designs and she stressed the importance of wireframes as the sole foundation for web design. She creates a lot of responsive websites which I believe (I’m sure as well as everyone else) that this is definitely the route web design is going in and especially more so in the future. The responsive designs usually start from the top (desktop) and then to tablet and mobile, which does seem easiest, although the industry is torn between the other way around and starting with mobile first (which is how we started our typography assignment last semester). Another important and inevitable process to follow is the QA (quality assurance) process. She explained it is so important to find someone (a QA specialist) who hasn’t seen your site before and who will notice those little things you yourself might miss. Notably, QA testing is one of the most vital processes of any project and I completely agree.

At TRAFFIKGroup, the work- life balance as well as the benefits there sound amazing, and there seems to be a family type setting kind of like our program right now! Not only do the co-workers go out together for meals and night-life outings but they also get to go on trips together (like skiing etc..) I hope to receive an career opportunity like this in the near future and Thank you Lily for such an upbeat and informative presentation!


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