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Alexander Younger of Design Lab – Great & expertise tips into our future


Alexander Younger of Design Lab gave a great presentation in many significant topics for us in our future after leaving Sheridan. His advice was so vital, for instance -it’s so important to have interest and passion for where your applying to. It is true culture is the core of what a company really is and you need to make sure this position is taking you in the right direction. I thought it was very interesting in hearing about how he was a rowing coach and in order to go into a smooth direction everyone needs to work together. He elaborated on the differences between a smaller agency to a larger one. When having a client long term usually occurs in a smaller agency and will grow with the company at a personal level (which is where Design Lab sits). Culture gives direction to the enterprise and its important in being a part of something rather than just doing something. Alexander stated that Design Lab has a culture like constructive conflict, collaboration and trust is key which also needs to extends beyond the work-day too.
As we all know.. site architecture and wireframing is so important before touching any design. Personally I find having these readily available really makes the design stage that much easier and organized. We got a very clear and descriptive difference between two very significant planning and design methods ¬¬– Waterfall vs. Agile. Agile is multiple cycles of Analysis- design- construction and QA – this method is seen as superior although time consuming because of the many steps. This then leads into great questions to ask in an interview (interview the interviewer) and challenge the status quo.

Some great questions Alexander mentioned:
• Does the company have clear values and clear purpose?
• Do they have a good process? Is it agile or waterfall and why?
• Will this experience add value to learning further/opportunities?
• What will this roll entail?
• What’s a typical day like here?
• What opportunities do you offer for growth and learning?
• How would you describe your culture here?
• (Remember to do your research on the company before the interview!)

I found his presentation on the interview process was very informative and helpful to hear. Something important to remember is your interviewing them just as they are to you. Show you’re genuinely interested, search them on LinkedIn and have questions ready/ prepared to ask them too. Also ask to meet who you will be working with (the team) and show you go the extra mile. Thank you Alexander for such a great presentation!
His final statement: To never settle –look at the long term and make sure you are happy and passionate in what you’re doing!


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