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My Reflection on my first semester in the Web Design Program


First of all, I feel very lucky to be a part of this program and having everyone so positive and helpful around me. I’m glad to have met the friends I have, our class pretty much is a ‘family’ and now I totally see why! The overall atmosphere of our courses and learning environment is definitely a great place to be and I enjoy coming into class every day. I think our class is a great bunch of people who are eager and determined to absorb any of the knowledge our awesome Professors have to give.

The one quality I think I was missing in my previous post-secondary program was feedback and fundamentals which will help you down the road in other projects and I feel all Professors in our Web Design program go above and beyond which I am so thankful of.  They really do care about each one of us which is heartwarming for sure. Additionally, I’m really enjoying the professional topics course because its so awesome and motivating to see previous grads of this program (as well as other inspiring individuals) in the prestigious position they are in now.  The tips they give for our independent projects and interviews in the future are so beneficial to hear.

Thank you for all your hard work, Sheila Greenland, and making this course such an enjoyable part of the program : )


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