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Motivating Guest Speaker: Pietro Gagliano – V.P Creative Director at the Secret Location


Pietro’s presentation was very informative in the sense that everything really can  be interactive (just as Walt Disney believed). Also just how important it is to design with the users journey in mind.

His first case study was about the End Game which is based on skilled chess champions of the world. It’s so important that the audience can engage with their mobile using  facebook and you actually become a character in an online episode. The next study conducted was in 2010 called Guy at Home in his Underwear which was for a great cause – testicular cancer awareness. The was over 43 million media impressions and over 25 thousand facebook likes in 25 days! This then led to money donations towards this cause. Guy at home in his underwear showed consistent live entertainment for people to tune back in (for instance his belly dancing which was pretty funny). After all these media impressions viewers would become personally invested in his story as he was a cancer survivor and lots of people loved him! This campaign no doubt won lots of awards and was a great cause overall.

The next case study he talked about was on The Amazing Race – Canada. Its awesome knowing that the Canadian version of this show (surrounding the Race) was actually the most popular and no wonder why… You could explore an interactive map online and integrated media to the extreme. Viewers could also follow teams progress online and find out the most recent updates.  This then turned into an online game and you could compare and share scores with friends on facebook.  Ultimately, this transplanted the feeling of t.v. into an interactive and fun experience!

Next, Pietro talked about his experiences working on the well-known show, Big Brother Canada, which was said to be better than the American version and received the term “worlds biggest reality show”. This show led to lots of social media chatter as viewers could predict who would win/who would get voted off etc..  This new model for digital integration was such a great and innovative idea especially for a reality t.v. show. Pietro noted that the mobile version of this site was always the main priority as it should be for a lot of sites. This case study embraced digital to the fullest and actually influenced the game as the viewer could spend their online points to vote people back into the game! This definitely led to a record setting engagement for television viewers.

He went on saying how important it is to design for mobile first because its limiting design and content wise. No one wants to have to go home just to look at a site, viewing on your mobile is so much more convenient! Also the schematics such as wireframs and sitemap are super important to get everyone on the same page.

“Its better to fail fast and start again on the drawing board.”


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