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4th year Students at Sheridan College’s Sports Injury Clinic


As Health and Safety is a component of our class, I believe this was a great experience! The 4th year Physio students were so nice and I received feedback on my posture and how to correct it while working on the computer. When I was having my assessment done, I had reassurance that I do have the strength in my upper back and neck to reduce the pain I’m feeling, its just something I need to stop, reposition and correct when I feel the pain approaching.

The treatments and stretching were broken up into 3 sections (carpal tunnel, sore neck, strained back) which are major downfalls for individuals who work at a computer on a daily basis. The stretches are something I incorporate almost every morning, knowing how important keeping up a good posture is! Also I was recommended the Robax heat patches which is a product I already use, which is nice to know they are clinically proven to reduce pain!

It was an informative experience as well as being fun being in a group with classmates and friends.


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