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Inspiring speaker Genco Cebecioglu- Creator of Junction Design


This speaker was a graduate of this program 8 years ago and became a co-founder with his brother creating Junction Design. He talked about the importance of the user experience and IU + IA (meaning user interface and graphic design merge). Also he stressed “don’t give deliverables, give outcomes.” Collaboration is key and we all need to work together to coordinate ideas.

I thought the site was quite beautiful, modern looking with the use of neat shapes and colours. It was interesting hearing about the the sing spiel app which was originally designed by a waterloo graduate which ultimately gave feedback and listens to you perform. The main concepts behind the logo were visual rhythm and showing feedback. The vibrant colours and shapes would definitely appeal to children as well as the fun type-face. This app actually mimics a natural practice session of a young musician and was inspired by the xbox interface.

After Genco graduated, he was asked to use his creativity and talents to rebrand Canada’s National Ballet School which was a pretty big deal. Also, the user interface design graphically pulls off all outcomes – communication and channels with the usage of the site.

His advice was great and motivating:

  • Don’t stress out! (this could push to a wrong decision)
  • Realize that companies need you
  • Remember you have a choice, and it is important to research the companies and agencies you are being interviewed for
  • Find the perfect fit for  what you can deliver
  • Work hard and be consistent on an ongoing basis!
  • Don’t be shy to talk to people
  • Show clear highlights/quality of your experiences on your resume
  • Take initiative
  • Realize we have an awesome opportunity at the end of this program!

(^^the website is super creative!)


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