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Classic and most Influential books in Typography, Design with Type by Carl Dair


I would like to talk a bit about a suggested reading, Design with Type by Carl Dair, as we were told about in our Typography class. I believe choosing the right font/s and how the layout spans out is very important design wise as well as for readability and being user-friendly. This book was first published in 1952 and has won countless awards such as being the first Canadian book to be granted with the title “Book of the Year” by AIGA. Carl Dair is, of course, is one of the best known typographers and designers.

He talks about achieving maximum clarity along with aesthetic pleasure with type in order to be successful, which I definitely agree with. Just like as we were taught by Sibylle, the main design elements of type:  size, weight, structure, form, colour, direction, and texture are super important and visually you can add contrast to any of these forms (for instance our Typographic Contrast lecture).

I really liked how he went back in time to talk about the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg and his completion of the first printed bible. It really makes you appreciate how simple type and design is for us today.

Overall this book was an interesting and informative read, here is a notable quote I very much agree with,

“Typographically, then, it is possible to convey the essence of a word through the proper choice of type faces so as to get an emotional response to the word through its associations.” (page 22)

And a great question we all ask ourselves…

“There is a subtle point of balance here: What is precise space which lets in just enough white to make it immediately apparent where one word ends and the next begins, but does not chop up the line into a series of word islands?” (page 27)



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