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Todd Barsanti – Climate Change: Connecting the dots


Todd Barsanti, a Sheridan professor of Animation and design, gave us an eye-opening speech of earth’s critical environmental issues called The Climate Reality Project. He is a strong believer and motivator in making our earth a better place and sustaining where we live. There was a better understanding made apparent as “sustainability” doesn’t only relate to environmental concerns but also economic and sociological issues as well. All these parts work together and ultimately creates a design approach. The life goal of this project is to diversify understanding of all these issues and incorporate sustainability into design.

Seeing how beautiful and peaceful earth looks in space makes our present circumstances (such as global warming) very sad to realize. The time lapse of global warming began in 1884 when the Industrial Revolution came to the forefront, and over time has only become increasingly worse. The Industrial Revolution was surely a great time to live, although, we never knew the drastic consequences of the future. In fact 2010 was the hottest year ever measured and temperatures have been rising more each year. Global carbon emissions are a huge problem as they are industrial purposes such as: factories, landfills, coal mining, oil mining and many more.

It was absolutely crazy to hear the harsh reality of the quote “The energy trapped by man-made pollution is equal to 40,000 Hiroshima bombs being produced daily.”

Personally, I had never seen so many devastating pictures as they never seem to surface in the media (its like avoiding our own reality). Extreme weather is now a reality as the worst and most recent storms have been Hurricane Katrina and Sandy. Brad went into depth in explaining the Hydrological cycle which in turn proves the extreme increase in heavy participation and on the other hand our extremely dry summers and global drought. These climate disruptions then effect farming and the food we eat therefore skyrocketing the prices to an all-time high. It is a proven fact (97-99%) that global warming is man made so its time for an urgent action change.

Although globally we are making changes and its nice to see such progress, for instance, renewable energy such as wind turbines and solar installations are being built more so than previous installations. I do believe we still need to further push sustainability, speak up and spread the truth.

“Nothing else matters and everything that matters is in our home.”

“Change is a must.”



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