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Canadian Copyright Law, A must-know!


After hearing a great presentation by Professor Gillian Chubb on the Canadian Copyright Law, I feel much more aware of just how serious this issue is. At University we were never given such a detailed and informative message that virtually nothing is free for you to use, even for learning purposes (unlike the U.S). You will always need permission from creators to use their work/artwork, and if you receive permission usually you would want to put their name in the credits.  It seems as though the only exception to the Copyright Law would be ideas.

Also, there is a “fair dealing” middle area meaning it may be O.K. if your purposes are for conducting research/private study, criticism/review or news reporting.

It is crazy to know that even if you create something yourself as an employee, in fact, the employer/business owner has the first or owning rights to this creation. There are also strong rights for music, performance and production rights.  Ultimately, if these measures are not taken seriously infringement will ensue! I know I will definitely be more careful!!


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