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Inspiring Mosaic Speakers – Stephen Coomber and Courtney Verk


First of all, I really enjoyed Coomber’s and Courtney’s presentation right from the beginning as they opened with a joke about ‘Managing your Finances’. As talented as these two individuals are, they are also down-to-earth and made our friday afternoon class very fun and exciting to attend!

Stephen Coombers is the Art Director at Mosaic and has taken on many large and important brands such as Boston Pizza. Courtney Verk is the Content Creator (which is similar to a copy writer) who is creative and shows close attention to detail. Obtaining such significant roles at Mosaic took lots of hard work, creativity and a professional attitude. Coomber had originally wanted to become a Pixar animator and his first position was creating banners and animations for cars etc. This is when he realized he wanted to be the brain behind designs and concepts. He then became a creator at a hardcore creative industry called Taxi where he did animation and design. All of these skills he took with him to become a significant mentor at Mosaic.

Courtney worked up from Project Coordinator to Project Manager at Mosaic, although, she felt like something was missing, the creativity aspect, which led her to her position today. So moral of the story, she said, to know what your good at, know your strong points and always follow what you want to do. This leads to their opening statement of the Destiny Philosophy of you being the creator of your own destiny and don’t ever let anyone define who you are, what you should be. If you want to do something, go to it.

During our time to ask questions at the end, I believe both these speakers answered it with such well-spoken, insightful words. Q- How do you deal with someone who doesn’t see eye-to-eye design wise? Their Answer: Always ask questions, ask what they’re trying to achieve and get a feel of their overall idea. You should handle the situation diplomatically and in a professional way.  There’s always a compromise so you need to be confident in what your presenting and know your stuff. There’s always a middle ground you and the client can meet at. Last but not least, stay true to the brand but also get your design/opinion in! (its why you have the position in the first place!)

Their ending notes are inspiring and motivating, I think everyone can agree:

‘Speak up, no one can read your mind, so let them be known!’

‘Drink beer!! Advertising is a tight knit community, have fun with everyone and be social.’

‘Be Passionate.’

‘Don’t take yourself too seriously.’

‘Be a team player, teamwork is important!’



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