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Guest Speaker: Shernaz Pavri at LinkedIn


I would like to talk a bit about our guest speaker, Shernaz Pavri, who currently works at LinkedIn in California. She was very insightful with discussing her experiences working at this company as well as her previous position at Apple.

As a Senior User Experience Designer at LinkedIn, she is responsible for managing the overall design and creating a unified experience through all platforms of the company. LinkedIn is all about creating a good user experience and their team is consistently expanding. It was interesting to hear that there are test subjects who actually walk through the designs and in return there is feedback on how the product/flow is received, which is very important. Some businesses solely rely on networks such as LinkedIn to assist them in the hiring process because you are able to constantly update and reiterate your profile and experiences.

She had also discussed her position at Apple and her skills gained there which definitely assisted in establishing the new team at LinkedIn. Furthermore, the ability to present and create good working relationships and making your presence known as well as having your voice heard.

I believe her final words of advice are significant in any area of work:

Take risks,

Reach out to people,

Keep your presence updated,

Maintain good relationships with co-workers and the people in your life,

And don’t ever hesitate to ask questions!




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